Coque Macho, Fernando Rufete and Andrea Egido present together with the rest of their team Salir del Arma, the great project made from the poems of the same name by Chicomarica

Pride 2021 is over, even so, we must be clear that Pride is not a matter of a day, not a week... The fight for our rights and for the correct visibility of the entire LGTBIQ+ collective is something that must be worked on every day. days and goes far beyond meeting people to celebrate a party. A good example of this is Salir del Arma , the great project presented to us today exclusively by Coque Macho Fernando Rufete and Andrea Egido together with the rest of their team and which was born from the homonymous collection of poems by Chicomarica. In this book, the author shows the world the escape route that he has been using since he was 11 years old, when he learned to defend himself from the hostile and cruel outside world, pouring out the rage caused by not being accepted as he is through poetry. . A simple, raw, real and sincere story in which seven characters are represented: Love, Claim, Happiness, fear, Sadness and what accompanies passion, in turn these are represented through the colors of the LGTBIQ+ flag.

This is when Coque Macho enters the scene, who as the creative director of the proposal has materialized this work that is actually a tangible fragment of the life of Chicomarica. After formalizing the project, together with Fernando Rufete and Andrea Ejido they decided to go all out to create the wonderful photographs that you will be able to enjoy throughout this article. In them, color becomes the main protagonist, as in Chicomarica's collection of poems. Seven models of the LGTBIQ+ collective embody a color each, which at the same time is related to a feeling.